Trying to Keep Busy

Business was slow already and then a worldwide pandemic hit.

In the last 2.5 years, I've done 8 episodes of a new show.  That's hardly gainfully employed.  I've picked up some gigs here and there.  I've tried to get some random storytelling going on YouTube. I've launched a podcast.

The reality of podcasts and YouTube is that you make a penny or two every day or two.  It is frustrating if you look.  So you don't look and you just create.  That's what creators do.  We create.  We enjoy the process.

I love the idea of taking something from nothing and making it into a story of some sort.  If someone finds something meaningful out of it then it makes it worthwhile.

In the world of a deadly virus where we stay home, I've had to get more creative.  Social media and the internet is flooded with video during the pandemic.  Lots of computer cameras and cell phone cameras.  I have always tried to up my game a bit.

Without a crew, it is always more challenging, but fun at the same time to take an idea and create.  Lights, camera, music, editing, graphics, sound effects, and silly voices.  Love it or hate it.  Here's bread making with Todd!

And as always, I'd love for you to check out my podcast, which you can find on this website, or view the other videos on my YouTube channel.  And please remember to subscribe.