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Catching Up

Life has been exceptionally busy! That’s better than the alternative. I promised I would keep up to date on the stories I have done with The Race on Scripps Broadcasting. I’m a little behind. I have been traveling every week for the past several weeks and then shooting some corporate videos when I get home…

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My Latest Random Story

I’m trying to do random stories whenever I can beg or borrow someone to help me get them shot. In this case I decided to grab my cameras and attempt to shoot it all myself. I think it turned out great.  

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Telling Stories Again

I’m finally back to telling random stories!  It’s been a while. It’s a random 🙂 effort for now.  I hope to get something more concrete and sustainable built up over time.  The stories of everyday people are too important to stop. You can help by visiting my YouTube channel and watching the stories and subscribing. …

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