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Todd has had the pleasure of speaking in front of large halls with thousands of people and to small groups.  Storytelling is what Todd’s life has been all about since his days as a reporter and as host and executive producer of The Story Trek.

Todd has seen how the Power of Story can change and even save lives.  In a way only he can, Todd shows us the power of your story and how it can change your life.

The Power of Story

There’s a great story inside of everyone.  Todd proves it every week on his Emmy® award winning TV show.  He’s been proving it for more than a decade, when as a news reporter, he decided to start interviewing people he knew nothing about.

More than anything, most people want a sense that their lives mean something.  Stories do more than connect times, places and events.  Stories add meaning to the moments that shape our lives.  When stories are recorded they inspire us to make life more meaningful.

Learn why YOUR story is important.

Todd’s funny, inspirational and heart warming presentation looks at his own life growing up as the shyest kid on the block who would go on to meet and interview celebrities and business leaders and even one US President.  But Todd finds the most inspiration in so-called “ordinary” people.  The reality of Todd’s reality show proves there’s no such thing as an ordinary person.  As Todd shares how he found his story he’ll show why your story is so important.

Todd helps us understand why creating the right story for yourself, your family or your organization determines not only your success, but your happiness.

Stories don’t always go the way we plan.  In fact, they almost never do.  But Todd teaches us why The Power of Story can help you through those challenging times and come out the other side stronger than ever before.

"Todd Hansen was wonderful!"

"Loved his presentation. Love His show."

"This was great and very inspirational."

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