News is Right Around the Corner!

I’ve been spinning my wheels for a while.

I have worked on a few projects to see if they will pan out.  We are hoping Capchur will take hold.  We’ve learned that once you create and launch an app that is just the beginning.  There is a lot of refining yet to be done to make it the world’s best journaling app.  It all takes money and time.

You’ll be seeing some announcements soon regarding some other things I’m doing.  At long last I have some gainful income.  TV is not for the faint of heart.

I’m also working on something else that begins with some apparel that I’ve designed!  The sales will help fund this new venture of great storytelling.  Please take a look and buy a t-shirt or mug if you are interested in supporting me getting back to telling stories.  More to come on this!

Trippin’ with Todd Apparel!