New Year, New Challenge. Let’s Do This.

Hey Everyone!

I hope the new year is treating y'all well.

I just recovered from Covid-19, so I can say it is going fantastic for me so far. That was miserable and I am so happy to be on the other side. I lost almost 3 weeks to the virus. You really don't appreciate good health until you don't have it.

The holiday season may be over, but today I've got a gift for you.

For those interested in developing a consistent stream of online income, it could be exactly what you need to finally get things off the ground.

You may know that I've just launched an online course or two and I've done my homework.  I actually labored over this for more than a year. I studied many different platforms. I actually started with another platform, Thinkific.

I uploaded my first course and was ready to launch. But I realized all the other sites I was going to need to use to run email campaigns and marketing and web hosting. What was great about Thinkific was the price. For my first course, it was free, but when I factored in everything else I needed I realized it was going to be costly and complex.

It was a roadblock for me. I knew of Kajabi and always kept coming back to it, but I didn't like the price point. Then I found a 28-day free trial. They usually only do 14 days. I figured since I already had my course created I would be cooking with gas. And I was right. I was already earning money with my course before I had to pay any money to Kajabi. It was a no-brainer.

And now they've done one better!

For a very short time, you can get in for no charge for an even longer period of time!

Introducing: The Idea to Income Challenge

If you've ever wanted to build a steady stream of income simply by sharing your passion with the world, this is the challenge for you.

The team at Kajabi has spent the last 10 years helping tens of thousands of knowledge entrepreneurs and course creators do just that.

This program takes you through their simple 3-step system for going from absolute zero (no audience, no product) all the way to launch.

In the challenge, you’ll get expert step-by-step guidance on:

● Creating a digital product people will buy

● Packaging and marketing your offer

● Making consistent, sustainable sales

And it’s flexible enough that if you have some of the existing pieces in place, you’ll be able to use the challenge to improve your process and increase your revenue.

Best of all, you get 45 days free to use Kajabi, which is by far the best all-in-one platform I’ve found for building a profitable online business that isn’t a pain to run.

Like I said before, I started with a different platform after researching so many of them. I came back to Kajabi time and time again because it is an all in one solution. It runs my email list, my marketing, my website, and of course, my courses.

So here’s the catch: the challenge starts on January 16th and completes on February 12th.

It’s a focused, intensive program designed for people who are serious about building a business and growing their online revenue.

If that’s you, what are you waiting for?

It’s rare to find this kind of expert guidance free of charge. I can’t guarantee whether or not Kajabi will ever offer this again.

Click here to sign up for The Idea to Income Challenge

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


P.S. As you might imagine, the above link is an affiliate link, and if you sign up for a paid Kajabi account after your free trial, I make a commission as a Kajabi Partner. I only ever recommend products that I know and love. Kajabi is 100% that.