My Product Launch!

This has been a long time coming.

As everything has dried up thanks to many different circumstances, and a little friend we like to call Rona, I needed to find a way to pivot.

I will forever be passionate about stories and how best to share them. But beyond my TV show, I've never had a good strategy for storytelling. I have always believed the more stories that are told, as professionally as possible, the better place the world will be.

Now that we are all, whether we want to be or not, in front of cameras so much, I decided the first step was to get people confident on camera. And this is coming from someone who was not always comfortable on camera.  In fact, I was terrified of the camera when I started in journalism school.  But I learned it was a skill that could be learned.

So I've launched a course that helps others not have to stumble down a stairway in the dark as I did.

It was WAY more work than I had anticipated, but isn't it always? Writing, shooting, editing, websites, emails, marketing, social media, crazy late nights.

This is the first step on the storytelling journey. My mission is to help others do what I've made a career out of--to tell inspiring stories about themselves and others so that the world is a better place.

I did the math long ago. If I kept at the same rate of storytelling it would take me four million years to tell everyone's story! And that's only in the United States and if everyone stopped being born.

I hope you will check out the training. If it doesn't work for you please share it if you think it might fit for someone who is looking to use video as a part of their business or their personal storytelling or to launch a YouTube channel.  Even if they just want to get more comfortable on Zoom.

Have a great day!

Click here for more info on my new training program!