My New Gig

For the past several weeks I've been busy going back to my roots of news reporting. However, this is a hybrid of what I've been doing for the past many years and journalism where I started my career.

Truth be told, I've always been a journalist. I've realized that this last year more than ever. That's my training. Storytelling is my passion. Making stuff up, faking stuff, distorting reality has never been an option. Unfortunately, I've known "journalists" my entire career that did all those things, but I've always refused.

So it is nice to get back to a purely journalistic show. That said, I NEVER faked, distorted or even set anything up on The Story Trek in all the years my production company produced the show. I think that's what made it such a hit. That's why I called it the most real reality show on TV.

For this new gig, I'm back to my old tricks where I blindly throw a dart at a map to see where I end up in the nation. But the show, The Race, is topic-based, so it is not as easy as just asking the first person I see to tell me their incredible story. I need to find a great story for that week's topic. That means I sometimes have to set some stuff up, but the location remains random.

The show is carried on all 60 of the Scripps owned stations across the nation.  I don't know them all, so you'll have to look it up to see if there's one in your area.

Here's a behind the scenes look at what I've been up to from my first shoot in Montana and a link to the finished product.