I don't understand why the world has gotten so political about masks. Doctors and nurses have worn them for decades. And they've worn them all day in hospitals without trouble or medical complications, or the government imposing on their rights. I don't believe the government is going to use masks to start treating people like cattle, magically implant chips, or usher in communism. I think they actually want to keep people healthy. The problem is that they were worried about the supply in the early Covid days so they said not to wear one. Now they've gone back on that. Yes, pretty stupid. But look at the countries that regularly wear masks, even for seasonal allergies, and how well they've done with Covid.

But people are so filled with hate and so politically polarized that a simple thing like putting a cloth over their faces, something little old ladies have done for centuries, has become the next great human rights issue.

In my opinion, we need the country to stay open. If it takes wearing a mask then let's put on a mask. How many more videos of doctors and nurses do we have to see where they put on 4 or 5 masks and monitor the oxygen saturation to show how they don't restrict your oxygen?

The way I understand it is that my mask protects you and your mask protects me. If only one of us has one then it doesn't do much good unless it is an N95 mask. Studies show if a community adopts 80% mask-wearing it could essentially wipe out the virus.

So, long story short...I'm trying to help. That, and I'm terribly under-employed, so I'm trying to make a little money at the same time. I created several custom-designed masks. And if you wear a mask and hate that people can't see your face under the mask you can borrow my face.  Or contact me and I can make you a custom mask with your face.

And $1 of every mask sale goes to a nonprofit to feed hungry kids in the USA.

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