Learning to Use the App

Download and use Capchur for free at www.capchur.me

We are hoping Capchur is intuitive and people can stumble their way around.  🙂  But just in case, we've created a tutorial video to help explain some things.

The key feature is to keep the app running.  That's unusual for most apps, but it is key for Capchur.  By keeping Capchur running you allow it to let you know when you've gone to a new location.  That way you can get a notification asking you if you want to make that a Meaningful Moment.  If you close out of the app you will not receive a notification to let you know you are at a different location.  You can always tap "No" if you don't want to make the location a Meaningful Moment.

What the notifications do for you is make journaling much easier.  We've found that many people want to journal, have great intentions to do so, but just forget.  The notifications are simply important reminders that something new has happened in your day based on location.

You can also turn on a daily reminder that has you look at where you have been each day to see if you want to turn those locations into Meaningful Moments.  Turning a location into Meaningful Moment is as simple as writing something about what you were doing.  You can also add pictures or videos.

Here's the tutorial video to walk you through using the app: (This video is also embedded within the app once you download it.)