- Transform Your Life -


If you are a CEO, small business owner, aspiring YouTuber, realtor, course creator, motivational speaker, really anyone who wants to look and sound better on camera I have a perfect solution. I want you to benefit from what I have learned over 25 years of being on TV.

If you hate the way you look or sound on camera my online course is for you. If you are terrified thinking about going on camera this course is for you.

When I chose broadcasting as a career I realized I was terrified of the camera. Big problem! Fortunately, I didn't let the fear win and I've had life-changing experiences in an Emmy® award-winning TV career.

In this training, I share my Camera Confidence secrets with you to get you over the fear quickly.

If you feel you need more hands-on training I can work with you one-on-one in private coaching.  I'll assess your current videos, critique them, and come up with valuable recommendations to immediately improve your camera confidence. We will work through exercises and goals that will transform your life.

- Skilled -

Host, anchor, reporter, executive producer, writer, and editor are just some of the titles I've had over my award-winning career in television and film. My passion is in the story. More specifically, finding the incredible story inside everyone. It has been a blessed ride for a shy kid who grew up wondering if he would ever amount to much. It is now my mission to help others understand the power of their story.

Whether you are a CEO who needs help with media relations, or someone new and nervous on YouTube, I can help.


  • 25 Training Videos
  • How to Relax on Camera
  • How to Know What to Say on Camera
  • How to Remember What to Say on Camera
  • Downloadable Notes & Exercises
  • Calming Techniques
  • Energy
  • Breathing
  • Vocal Tone
  • Quizzes
  • The Look (Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup)
  • Todd's Recommendations for Cameras and Tech (PDF)
  • Bonus Lessons: How to Rock Zoom - Media Relations - Technology for Video
  • Goal Setting
  • One-on-One Coaching with Todd (Advanced Plan)
  • Access to Todd's Private Facebook Group for Continuing Mentorship (Advanced Plan)