Celebrate Your Wins!

How often do you celebrate your success?

Do you explain it away? Do you apologize for being successful? Do you “like” everyone else’s success, but not your own?

I’m guilty of doing just that.

In this Youtube video I talk about my latest Emmy win and my first Emmy win and how much they contrast. I didn’t even attend the most recent Emmy awards, because I take this all for granted lately.

Here are some important reasons why you should celebrate your wins:

-When you celebrate the wins it motivates you to keep doing great work. This extends to your team, because no one is an island.

-It reminds those who work with you that they are working with someone who excels at what they do. When you win as a team it keeps the entire team motivated and they know that their great work is being noticed.

-It is a great reminder that your hard work means something. Industry awards are a reminder that you have reached a standard that is recognized by your peers as exceptional. Organizational awards are always a good idea to increase morale, productivity and recognition within the organization.

-It’s fun!

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