Another New Story

I’ve added another randomly found story to YouTube.  Please check it out if you have time. For those of you who aren’t subscribed to my channel on YouTube, please consider doing so.  Just tape the red “subscribe” button on the video or below the video.  This is one way you can help me to be…

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Another Update Tonight!

Todd in Refugio, TX

The updates on stories just keep coming.  Tonight we revisit the story of Josh Hurst.  I ran into him at a bus stop at Weber State University back in season 1.  He was going to be the guy who pointed me to a story until he told me he had a story a story to…

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Helping Refugio

Todd talking with Coach Jason Herring

I hope everyone will take a chance to watch tonight’s episode either when it airs or find it online somewhere.  Not for my ego gratification, but because this little town of Refugio at least needs people to know what they went through.  At the most, maybe you’ll be inspired to help. As was mentioned in…

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On The Road Again

It All Comes Crashing Backward Since that’s the way I opened this up I guess I’ll start in reverse. At the end of what seemed like a month long trip shooting a couple of episodes I was up at 4:30am to catch a flight home.  I was backing up at the airport drop-off in Philly…

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Tables Turned

My Story? I know I say EVERYBODY has a story, but we don’t really need to get my story, right?  Well, the tables were turned on me this morning. The crew was very kind, so how could I turn them down?  And they’re going to promote my show, so how could I say no? But…

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World Wide Interwebs I’m super excited about the new website!  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Problem is–my time is limited and so are my web design skills. Anyone who may remember the website a few weeks ago, and I really hope it’s deleted from everyone’s minds, will know that my…

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