Catching Up

Life has been exceptionally busy! That's better than the alternative.

I promised I would keep up to date on the stories I have done with The Race on Scripps Broadcasting. I'm a little behind.

I have been traveling every week for the past several weeks and then shooting some corporate videos when I get home on my "days off".

So it has been hard to keep up with everything.

Here is a link to a story we did in Canton, South Dakota. It was extremely cold! The wind chill was -11. I'm not used to those temperatures. Regardless of the temperature, we got a great story.

My story starts at 6:55.

Before South Dakota we were in Michigan for a story on Housing. the dart hit a small town by the name of West Branch.

We drove past a sign for a realtor and called her.  She agreed to do an interview and then took us to see someone who recently bought a home from her.  The funny thing is that these people used to live just a few miles from where I do in Utah.  It was completely random, but people may refuse to believe that and think that I set it up by knowing them beforehand.  I promise. It was not set up.

My housing story hits at 7:55 in this link: